About Me

Hello Loves! 
My name is Abigail Danielle Tyler. I’ve lived in San Francisco for one year, moving from the city of Old Town Orange, California. When I moved up here I was incredibly grateful to be in the most beautiful place I had ever lived, and excited to explore all this magical place has to offer. What I didn’t expect was with the transition came a serious bout of depression which made it hard for me to leave my house. Being a sound and Reiki healer as well as a yoga teacher, I found my sensitivity to energy was magnified beyond anything I had yet experienced, partly from there being so many people living in such a concentrated area. To help cope with my depression I found myself gravitating to all the beautiful parks and beaches, and experienced the healing nature has to offer. This is when I decided to start facilitating regular Moon Ceremonies, to help sync my vibration with the cycle of the moon, which represents our emotions and mood. I initiated these ceremonies to explore self healing, and opened them up to anyone who might need the same.

The first ceremony I held was in my small studio apartment, with just a couple people. I continued to invite people I met in the parks and eventually our tribe grew. Meeting together regularly to honor the cycles of Mother Moon and opening our hearts to healing through sacred ceremony, sound meditation, and community birthed our Love Tribe. When we had over seventeen people join for the September Full Blood Moon in Aries, we had to move it outdoors to Crissy Field. It was then I knew we needed to find a bigger venue. One of my Moon sisters, Linda, took me to the Grand Re-opening party at The Center SF. I knew right away our tribe had found it’s new home. The Center SF is the most beautiful and rare gem of a community in Lower Haight. We gather each month to celebrate and honor the moon as a tribe. These ceremonies continue to evolve to facilitate healing to our tribe. They have brought more miracles into my life than I ever imagined possible. I have literally watched my wildest dreams come true by connecting to the healing powers of nature, sound healing, and intention. I invite you to join our LOVE TRIBE and experience healing through balance.

I also teach Kundalini Yoga and offer private Reiki, Sound, and Vinyasa sessions. As an intuitive healer I prefer to work one on one or in small groups in order to tailor your session to meet your specific dreams. Together we will unleash your own self healing so you have the confidence and clarity to DREAM BIG and manifest that which aligns your soul to its highest purpose. When we are vibrating at our highest potential, we align ourselves with love.

LIVE AND SPEAK YOUR TRUTH Honor the path of your truth, accept and love yourself unconditionally, and share your light with the world.
OCCUPY THE PRESENT Access peace and clarity by allowing yourself to be fully present in each moment.
VIBRATE YOUR HIGHEST CREATIVE POTENTIAL Unleash your creative energy flow by aligning your vibration with that of the infinite.
EXPERIENCE HEALING THROUGH BALANCE  Discover what your body craves to experience balance by accessing ancient healing techniques.


RYT-200 Cloud Nine Yoga, April 2013
Kundalini-200 Yoga West, Los Angeles, June 2014
Reiki Level 2 Brook Albrigo Reiki Master, October 2014
Gong Avatar Academy Sotantar Suraj, January 2015

I welcome you as you are, in love and light.

Abigail Danielle Tyler